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Metin Shoes is a company which has been established in 1993 in Istanbul, Turkey and has many brands such as Sherlock Soon and Donna Style. It is specialized in women’s shoes and its range does cover a wide variety of products, from boots and sneakers to sandals and slippers, all available in high quality Turkish leather and with the most reasonable prices.
"40 Square Meters Of The Arch Leading In The Work Place In Sulaymaniyah In 1982, Began To Manufacture The Belt. Many Years Numbered Among The Belt Of Manufacturing Firms By Providing A Quality Service Has Proven Itself." "Business ethics and with a sense of trust that it creates for its customers have shed light into the world of the belt. Need qualified products with the latest technological elements and uses high quality materials and equipped with machines equipped with This factory has progressed towards becoming a leading organization such as the name." "Our goal is to maximize customer satisfaction maintain and progress in this direction."
Tekin Deri Ltd. was established in 1993 and is one of the first manufacturers in the natural fine leather goods industry. Since then, our company has become a major manufacturer with its high volume capacity and handmade production lines in the sector. Our headquarter and factory, located in Istanbul, Turkey, brings together the combined skills and experience of decades in the fine and natural leather goods industry using traditional hand craft techniques combined with contemporary equipment to produce the finest accessories, genuinely Made in Turkey. We specialise in the manufacture of 100% leather phone cases, tablet cases and bags, credit card holders, wallets, purses, watch-straps, key holders, men and women bags, exotic leather accessories, and many other small leather goods. Tekin Deri owns and operates its own factory in a 5000 square meter plant with 600,000 unit capacity and has been set up to meet the highest standards of quality and workmanship that the most internationally recognizable brands have come to expect and appreciate. Our high quality products, which are made to the designs of our esteemed customers, are sourced from Turkey and Italy. And our customers are primarily from Austria, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Germany, Netherland, Italy, Israel, and Russia.
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Founded under the name of Imren Kemer in 1984, our firm has been serving uninterruptedly for 28 years with his experienced and young personnel targeting innovation and continuous growth. Handed down to the 2nd generation as a family business, and developed in a professional structure, the belt-making is always updated through the latest technological innovations.
Explore the Style %100 Reflecting you. It's a current one. It is easiest to express the most complicated things for style. It is our job to produce luxurious shoes at reasonable prices for practical compatibility with your desire and to present your shoes with who you are. The Konya shoes, which are the pioneering and innovative name of the comfortable choices of stylists, will leave their marks on the floor and make you feel secure in your step. Konya, which has historical riches and a wide range of culture in 2006 with the TOGGA brand, is the heart of Anatolia, also began to produce. Embracing fashion; change your modernity and aesthetics, Turkey is rapidly growing and developing to produce shoes. TOGGA SHOES, which combines a wide range of product groups with the right price concept to reduce the quality of life, to reduce the quality and the wig, to change the season trends, has succeeded in transforming the shoes into passionate and admirable collections. Release your freedom steps...
Metin and Sait Ozturk brothers during 15 years between 1982 and 1997 worked as apprentices, masters and production chief at the large leather companies engaged in export activities. After learning all production processes of the leather industry in 03.03.1997 they established their family company under the name of Metsa Leather Sait Ozturk. Initially, they ordered outsourcing under their own brand to the large domestic wholesalers. High quality and fast production time allowed them to become a boutique type of domestic production company. In 2008, at the end of 10 years production experience on the domestic market, placing their models at our website they began theirs export activities. The first export began in 2008 with the export of men and women wallets to Israel. In the next years, a variety of designs and products allowed them to made exports of leather wallets, phone cases, bags, leather accessories, keyholders, leather pen cases, luggage cards, credit cards cases and leather cases for car licenses to Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and Romania. Because of the high quality of the exported goods, the volume and the variety of the exported products are increased over the years. Since 2010, the company has become the only manufacturer of the large wholesale company in America, with monthly production and delivery around 12,000 units of all models of buyer-company. This successful export activities allowed them to significantly increase the company’s turnover in comparison with the previous years, and in March 2014 family-owned company is transformed into the METSA Leather LTD company. In light of the new improvements, website was updated. Company METSA Leather LTD mainly produces its own brands and models, but along with this there is a production with export of models according to the Internet site upon customer request. Production processes are under the strict control, so that when there is the minor problems with the quality the company METSA Leather LTD is near to its customer. Along with the high quality company METSA Leather LTD offers to its customers the competitive prices. Under the “References” you could read the satisfaction messages of the customers purchased exported METSA Leather LTD company products.
To whom it May concern, our company has established a unit which is engaged in the production of leather women's bags in another sector which is not related to its commercial activity. I would like to introduce our work in the production of leather bags as follows: 1. Manufactured bags are 100% real leather. 2. The models produced are not imitation, but are all designed by our own modelists. 3. Quality lining is used in the bags. 4. Production capacity is 150-200 pieces per week. We can increase this number according to demand. 5. Bag sizes according to models; 30x38, 32x39, 33x42, 35x40, 33x37, 35x42, 31x31, 19x25 cm. 6. Models can be produced according to customer demands. 7. You can see some of the bag models that are currently produced and sold in our products section.